We are excited to partner with Segment in our mission to help companies everywhere turn their data into a competitive advantage and drive revenue. Segment’s unified customer data infrastructure is used by over 19,000 customers to source and aggregate customer data. The new Hydra destination enables Segment customers to turn this data into actionable insights by building machine learning models without writing a single line of code.

How Hydra works

Hydra helps users implement holistic predictive analytics tailored to their own business without writing a line of code. Traditional predictive analytics products predict the past (i.e. they solely depend on patterns observed in the past to make predictions). On Hydra, line of business users can train the system to look for any type of pattern they are interested in discovering — even patterns that haven’t occurred in the past. Hydra takes a holistic approach to predictive analytics; the platform is capable of scanning a wide range of sources such as product usage, user demographic data, firmographic data, chat conversations, help desk tickets, emails and marketing engagement to discover signals and make predictions.

Marketing, Sales Operations and Customer success teams use Hydra to find revenue signals by scanning their data. Hydra automatically relays these signals to marketing and customer success platforms to execute personalization and run hyper-targeted campaigns.

Get more out of Hydra fast with Segment

Segment Product Usage ScannerOur turn-key Segment integration radically simplifies the set-up process and accelerates your return on investment. Segment provides Hydra with a single data source for a wide range of customer data eliminating the need to individually connect to various customer event data sources. Segment is particularly powerful in the instances where users have home grown systems that handle customer touchpoint data and do not provide API connectivity. Segment’s business plan customers can take advantage of the “Replay” feature to get a head start by sending historical data to Hydra!

Strategic and Tactical Insights Delivered Where You Need Them

Our mutual customers discover insights including personas, customer profiles, deep segments and customer state (i.e. likely to buy, upgrade or churn) with their own tailored machine learning models. These insights are automatically pushed to platforms like HubSpot for tactical orchestration (i.e. hyper-targeting and campaign personalization). In addition, Hydra users can get a strategic view of these segments and insights through dashboards and reports.

Showing Some Extra Love to Segment Customers

To celebrate our partnership with Segment, we are going to show some extra love to Segment customers who sign-up and activate their Hydra destination during the month of June with complementary premium support. Hydra’s premium support feature offers a dedicated Slack channel and regular check-ins with our product team to help you get the most out of your data.

Want to Learn More About the Segment Integration?

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Hima is the founder of hydra.ai — a no-code A.I. platform. Hydra wants to put the power of A.I. in everyone’s hands.