In today’s competitive market, it takes more than an excellent product to sell.  While it is important to have a product that can genuinely add value to the customers, the presentation of the product and the image of the company are equally important to convince your prospects that your product is worth the risk.

In addition to having a value adding product and an image of competency, you need a sales pitch that can be easily followed and connect to your customer’s problems.  When your sales pitch is too long or not relatable, you would quickly lose your prospects’ interest even if your solution is exactly what they need at the moment.

Selling is difficult, very difficult

With so many choices of products today, it is difficult to convince your prospects that you’re the best choice among all others.  Even when your prospects are actively looking to buy, they don’t like to be sold to.  They want to believe that they came to that conclusion of buying independently from any sales influence.  The barrier is so great that you as the sales must guide your prospects’ mental state incrementally to help them believe that your solution is indeed the best one.

A proven formula for your sales pitch

Here is a simple formula hydra uses to help our prospects understand how our solution can help them in their sales operations.

  1. State your prospect’s current problem

You need to first connect to your prospects to let them know that you understand their problem(s).  It would be a waste of both parties’ time if your problem statement doesn’t resonate with your prospects.  If you truly believe you have a value-adding product, then you need to test your problem statement to see what connects.

Here’s an example on how hydra opens the sales pitch:

After spending a lot of money, time, and manpower to prescribe a sales process, your sales team only follows it sporadically and you have no way to monitor it.

  1. State your prospect’s ideal solution for the problem

After building a common understanding of the problem, you need to help your prospecting visualising a better way of dealing with the problem. For example:

Ideally, you want your sales team to follow the prescribed sales process and improvise only when necessary.

  1. State how your prospect’s current solution is not perfect or difficult

Now you help your prospects to understand why is there a gap between the reality and the ideal state.  For example:

However, your sales team have no time to keep up with the ever-changing best practices and updated content within the process.

  1. State how your solution is better than their current one

After you have incrementally guided your prospects through the reasons behind their problems, it’s time to introduce how your solutions can solve their existing problems. For example:

hydra uses artificial intelligence to guide your sales team through the latest sales process and keep up with best practices and updated contents.

Wrap Up

Now, you have the formula to create your own engaging sales pitch.  Be sure to test your sales pitch and monitor how your prospects respond to the different statements.