Just like everyone, I’ve been doing a lot of Zoom meetings lately. Don’t know about you, but I find it quite distracting to take notes during meetings. I want to focus on the conversation —not on taking notes. So, I started recording everything. BUT when you have to skip around 20 hours of recordings to find something, that’s a whole new challenge!

I started imagining what would make things easy for me. And, came up with the following:

🎯 I wanted these conversation transcripts to show up in my email searches. For example, when I search for SOC compliance in my email, I  want to see both emails and Zoom conversations I’ve had on the topic.

🎯 I wanted to quickly find out at which point of the conversation we were discussing a specific topic. For example, I want to skim through the conversation transcript in my email and quickly find out at which point we were discussing pricing.

🎯 And, I wanted a way to jump to those places in a video recording and review the discussion. Meaning, I want to directly jump to the 3-minute segment during which we discussed pricing and review that part of the call. It would have been great if the conversation transcripts are 100% accurate, and if I get all the information right in an email message. But, let’s face it. Even the cutting edge of automatic speech recognition technology has more work ahead before it can function flawlessly in at times chaotic conference calls. Furthermore, there are a lot of non-verbal cues that are left out in meeting transcripts.

I looked around for a way to accomplish those goals. The problem is that any service that offers transcripts aren’t cheap. Zoom’s own transcript feature is only available at the 199/month business tier.

At Hydra, we have all the infrastructure to wire this together. And, this fits well with our goal of making A.I. available for everyone! So, we built a Zoom plugin. This is how the plugin can help you:

✅ Get meeting transcripts from your Zoom meetings emailed to you after each call. You can share them too!

✅ Search and jump to the exact meeting segment you want to watch/ listen

✅ Build your own no-code A.I. models to automatically flag conversations for review using our core platform (and trigger workflows!)

We just launched it on the Zoom App Marketplace. You do need a Zoom Pro account (15/ month) for this to work. So, if you are a Zoom Pro user, install the plugin from here and record meetings to the cloud — as opposed to recording to your computer. After each cloud recorded call, Hydra will send you an email with a meeting transcript and a link to a browsable transcript viewer.

(The browsable transcript viewer in action)

Since this Zoom plugin runs on top of our no-code A.I. platform, you have the option to create your own A.I. models to analyze your Zoom conversations. For example, product teams are often interested in learning how potential customers react to various product features. You can create an A.I. model on Hydra to analyze the sales team’s Zoom conversations with potential customers, and flag the ones that your product team might find interesting to review. Opportunities here are endless because on Hydra you can create A.I. models to pick out any kind of a pattern.

So, get it on the Zoom App Marketplace. If you have any ideas about how we can make the plugin better, I’d love to hear them. Also, if you want to try out building your own A.I. models on Hydra using Zoom conversation data, I’m happy to help you with that as well.

👉🏽 Get it here: https://marketplace.zoom.us/apps/shBbOVTgSuqRLsvug_ETkw


Hima is the founder of hydra.ai — a no-code A.I. platform. Hydra wants to put the power of A.I. in everyone’s hands.

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